What a night we had…fun for all

We had another fabulously fun time at the Improbable Lounge on Thursday (6 March) – make sure you join us on Thursday 13 March for more musical improv & cabaret delights. We will be having our very first burlesque act – with a comedy twist. That's the talented Ursula Dares. And musical comedy ukulele action from Improbable Lounge favourite Marc Steele.

Plus the usual (but still all made up on the spot taking your suggestions) improvised cabaret tunes from your hosts, us – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv.

In the meanwhile, here's a few of the things we learnt at Improbable Lounge 6 March

1. The crumpet of truth can save the day – taught to us by improvised puppet show Glitch

2. A dead cat in the bed can ruin the promising career of a pop star – taught to us by improvised comedy lounge act Phil Lunn (in the guise of Steve Jones, comeback star)

3. Being German is an occupation (or at least that's what the audience member thought when they shouted out 'Germans' when we asked for an occupation…

4. Gardeners need charity singles to raise money to help them build walls…

5. John-kus are like haikus but come from Stockwell





Our delicious Improbable Lounge

Our weekly residential at the Priory Arms, Stockwell started its 2014 run with a cracker of a night. We saw a a smorgasbord of cabaret comedy delights take to the stage, complete with bizarre conspiracy theorist magicians and a 60 second rendition of the charge of the light brigade.

And of course it was bound together by the wonderful glue that is us – your loyal and feather boa'd friends…Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv. Thanks to our great acts:

Viv Groskop

Harry Scott-Moncrieff

Non de Script

Anne & Frank

Come and join us again on Thursday 23 January, where you'll be wooed by musical comedy and cabaret delights, including:

  • Glitch improvised puppetry
  • Emily Snee, musical comedy

Every Thursday in 2014 – our residential Improbable Lounge, at the Priory Arms, Lansdowne Way, Stockwell, London – 8pm start. Free!

A delicious night of musical comedy, improv & cabaret.

Intimate tables, posh beer, lovely food – and free entry! Thursday nights just got a whole lot better!


Improbable Lounge – from thursday 16 jan 2014

We hope that you've all had a wonderful Christmas filled with cheer and goodwill. And that you're gearing up for 2014….

2013 has been good to us and we are still over the moon at our brand new weekly residential night at the Priory Arms, Stockwell. 5 mins from the tube!

The Improbable Lounge is every Thursday and is a fun and laughter filled evening that will whisk you away to the cabaret nights of Berlin….although our acts are distinctly modern and the cream of the emerging talent on the musical comedy and improv scene. With some quirky weirdness thrown in for good measure (and fun).

Best of all – it's all free. Nada. Not a jot.

So please come down, bring your friends, tell random strangers on the tube.

We really appreciate your support and love every one of you!


The Improbable Lounge

We are counting down the days to the launch of our brand new weekly comedy improv night.

The Improbable Lounge is a night of toe tapping comedy improv fun. Improvised lounge & musical cabaret acts – with a couple of quirky variety acts….our launch night will also have its own festive singalong. Because it's Christmas. And because we can. But mainly because it's Christmas.

We're thrilled to have the dulcet tones & tinkling ivories of Phil Lunn, and his improvised comedy lounge act.

Plus we have musical comedy cabaret from Siobhan Dodd…and some surprise guest acts.

Of corse it's hosted by the inimitable Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical comedyimprov.

But best of all it's all free free free! So get thee down the Priory Arms in Stockwell on 19 December, by 8pm.

You know we want you to.



Feeling all autumnal

Some of the lorries have been in the garage over the summer, while some of us went on road trips to various improv haunts. Apparently there was a festival in Edinburgh, for example.

We're now all back together and ready to vroom, kickstarting our Autumn / Winter season with a slot at We are Funny at Dirty Dicks on Monday 21 October. https://www.facebook.com/thewearefunnyproject?directed_target_id=0

It looks like a crazy old improv variety night and we can't wait. See you there!


5 minutes with …Siobhan Dodd

We're Über Excited to be taking part in the quirky We Are Funny variety show on Monday 21 October – https://www.facebook.com/events/235778673244401/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

So we caught up with the MC, in the first of our new series of '5 mins with' interviews with fab improv folk.

Name: Siobhan Dodd

Improv outlet: I'm not actually involved in improv myself, I'm a singer and stand-up who's just starting learning about the world of improv through starting to MC and run the We Are Funny Variety Show at Dirty Dicks.

Tell us about we are funny in a nutshell: The We Are Funny Project, run by Alfie Noakes, is a project dedicated to supporting grass roots comedy in all its forms. It provides a platform for new and experienced comedians to learn and hone their trade and offers the best managed open mike nights in London.

Apart from improv, what other hats do you wear: I'm a Sign Language Interpreter. I've been a British Sign Language User for 12 years and I'm heavily involved with the Deaf Community (by that, I mean I've been getting drunk with the Deaf Community for 12 years. I'm very good at it). Other hat – the getting drunk hat. See previous comment.

Improv philosophy: Rather than Improv philosophy, here's my life philosophy – Enjoy life and help others to do the same. Anything else achieved along the way is a bonus.

Best improv moment: I remember doing improv in youth theatre when I was a teenager. I snogged someone who wasn't expecting it and then stormed out of the building. That was fun.

What makes you happy: Joy. And my bear costume. It's a full proper adult's bear costume. The zip's broken now though. I wear it too much.

And finally…your favourite tongue twister: She stood upon the balcony inexplicably mimicking him hiccupping and amicably welcoming him in