Easter special at the only cabaret that’s made up on the spot!

Thursday 17 april – Improbable Lounge, Priory Arms. Free entry, 8pm start

Yes it's the only cabaret that's (almost) all made up on the spot! And it's our Easter Special Cabaret Egg-stravaganza.

Settle down at one of our intimate tables, with a glass of something cold & enjoy a night of delicious FREE fun & laughter. With Easter treats, Easter egg hunts and lots of other egg-citing stuff…more egg-stravagantly bad puns on the way. So hop on over!

Improvised musical comedy, improvised cabaret, improvised storytelling & sketches – plus magic, illusion & that all important dose of je ne sais quoi.

This week's special guests include:

~~Faye Treacy – where music meets cabaret clown

~~ Daniel Barker, close up magic that's beyond belief. Seriously. We all want to marry this guy.

~~ Laurie Black, darkly comic chantress on keyboards and uke

~~Harry Scott – physical illusion & magic

Plus it's all held together by your hosts – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv….bringing you made-up-on-the-spot

cabaret tunes from your suggestions, throughout the night.

Come out come out, wherever you are! Join us at the Improbable Lounge…

Date: Thursday 17 April

Time: Doors 7:45 Show 8pm

Price: FREE!!!

Where: The Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Way, SW8 2PB.

Nearest Tube: Stockwell (Victoria Line)



Tonight – Thursday 3 April – a night of magic, illusion, music & improv

A night of delicious FREE musical comedy, magic, illusion, storytelling & improv. Yes it's the only cabaret that's (almost) all made up on the spot!

A veritable smorgasbord of delicious delights. This week's special guests include:

~~Daniel Barker – magic & spell weaving to delight and amaze

~~ Marc Steele – musical comedy genius on the ukelele

~~All Made Up – fabulous all female improv comedy.

Plus it's all held together by your hosts – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv….bringing you made-up-on-the-spot cabaret tunes from your suggestions, throughout the night.

Come out come out, wherever you are! Join us at the Improbable Lounge…look, here's the facebook event to prove it https://www.facebook.com/events/1435989216639174/?ref=5

Date: Thursday 3 April

Time: Doors 7:45 Show 8pm

Price: FREE!!!

Where: The Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Way, SW8 2PB.

Nearest Tube: Stockwell (Victoria Line)


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Come & try musical comedy improv!

It's musical improv jam & social time! We had a blast last month so please join us this Thursday 27 march for more improv fun and games. Free entry – everyone welcome!

. Love improv? Want to try out musicial improv? Want to meet other Improvisors? Come on down…

Plus fabulous improv and cabaret entertainment from our special guests including:

People having fun at last month's jam 🙂

~~ Miss Oopsie Ooohh (comedy burlesque)

~~ John Henry Falle (dark storytelling)

~~ Caterpillars and Weevils (musical improv)

All tied together with improvised cabaret tunes from your hosts, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv.

Date: Thursday, 27 March

Time: Sign up for jam 7:45 Show 8pm

Price: FREE!!!

Where: The Priory Arms, 83 Lansdowne Way, SW8 2PB.

Nearest Tube: Stockwell (Victoria Line)

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1431582903751522/?ref=3&ref_newsfeed_story_type=regular


What a night we had…fun for all

We had another fabulously fun time at the Improbable Lounge on Thursday (6 March) – make sure you join us on Thursday 13 March for more musical improv & cabaret delights. We will be having our very first burlesque act – with a comedy twist. That's the talented Ursula Dares. And musical comedy ukulele action from Improbable Lounge favourite Marc Steele.

Plus the usual (but still all made up on the spot taking your suggestions) improvised cabaret tunes from your hosts, us – Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv.

In the meanwhile, here's a few of the things we learnt at Improbable Lounge 6 March

1. The crumpet of truth can save the day – taught to us by improvised puppet show Glitch

2. A dead cat in the bed can ruin the promising career of a pop star – taught to us by improvised comedy lounge act Phil Lunn (in the guise of Steve Jones, comeback star)

3. Being German is an occupation (or at least that's what the audience member thought when they shouted out 'Germans' when we asked for an occupation…

4. Gardeners need charity singles to raise money to help them build walls…

5. John-kus are like haikus but come from Stockwell




Come to the Improbable Lounge! Thursday 6 March

This week we have the amazing Glitch – the improvised puppet show. Plus improvised lounge act Phil Lunn.

It's all held together with magical musical cabaret tunes made up on the spot, from your suggestions by Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv. That's us, your hosts!

We start at 8pm as usual, and the Priory Arms will be its usual cosy self, stacked with posh beer and other liquids (I'm a white wine girl myself), and even does great and reasonably priced bar food..

Please come! Look – here's a visual rendition of what you'll see. And it's free free free too – gotta be good, right? 🙂



5 mins with…Heather & Jules

We are super excited to have the critically-acclaimed 10 thousand million love stories at the Improbable Lounge on Thursday 13 February.

We caught up with the improvising duo behind this improv show…Heather Urquhart & Jules Munns

Catch them and our other great acts this Thursday, 13 Feb, at Improbable Lounge…upstairs in the lovely Priory Arms, Lansdowne Rd, Stockwell. Just 19m walk or short bus ride from vauxhall overground. And it's free entry!

So Heather and Jules, you're currently on tour with your show Ten Thousand Million Love Stories. How is the tour going?

At the time of writing this we've just done the one show but so far its been great! This tour is all about developing the show from what we created for the Improvised Play Festival last year and taking it to all our friends in the UK.

What made you decide to do a show about Love Stories?

The idea came during a drunken train ride back from Edinburgh two festivals ago. We'd been =totally inspired by seeing 'Dirty great Love Story' and thought 'Wouldn't it be good to make an improv show that was that poigna=t and romantic?' We're both a pair of soppy bastards and had discussed that it was something we hadn't seen done and that would be interesting to play with.

You’re both in the Maydays – how has this 2-prov show compared to being in a larger group?

It's a really great work out! Because you are basically always onstage, there is no time to gather your thoughts bewteen scenes. You just have to get right on =with it!

What’s the funniest love story you’ve heard/created thus far?

The guy who got dumped at the top of the Eiffel Tower was pretty bad! It's been amazing how people have been happy to talk about their heartbreak and humiliation quite openly with us. It's often really fun when the two of us end up playing loads of characters in one scene. But then it's equally fun to mess with each other in the more romantic scenes.

What’s the weirdest?

We once had a pair of science researchers who got in trouble with their supervisor for having sex in the lab. They then had to identify which 'fluids' have contaminated their samples.

You both teach Improv as well as perform – what’s your favourite aspect of teaching?

The moment when people say 'I didn't know I could do that', and making people feel safe enough that they can take the risk to get to that point.

What’s been your best Improv moment thus far in your careers?

Improv has taken us to some nuts places and situations over the years, from psychiatric prisons to religious conferences, board rooms to vegetable judging cometitions and international festivals. It's difficult to pick out a single moment because the beauty of it is the day to day, moment to moment uncertainty and creativity.

What will you be doing on Valentines Day?

Neither of us knows yet, but something sickly sweet and vomit-worthy I am sure.

What’s your favourite love song?

'I hope that I don't fall in love with you' by Tom Waits, or 'The Luckiest' by Be Folds.

What’s your favourite romcom?

We watched Punch Drunk Love together in a hippy comune. We locked ourselves away from what might have been happening that night. So that has a very special place in our hearts. It has the same kind of feeling that we create in the show. Funny and bold, but tender at the same time.

If you could pick 2 characters from history/literature to bring together in a love story/improv mash up, who would you choose?

Ernest Hemmingway bowled over and out of his depth in love would be a lot of fun. Maybe Joan of Arc could handle him, so let's try that combination. Heather also has a hope that Jen and Brad will get back together!


Come to our show on 6 Feb – musical comedy, improv & cabaret

Come to our show on thursday 6 feb. It's our weekly residential Improbable Lounge – and we have a cracker of a show lined up for you. As always we are upstairs at the lovely real ale Priory Arms in stockwell, london – with show starting at 8pm. And it's free entry!

In a veritable smorgasbord of cabaret & musical comedy delights, we have:

  • Musical comedy from the amazing Jacky Wood
  • Cabaret from the Human Loire
  • More musical comedy from Marc Steele

And of course improvised cabaret tunes from us, your loveable hosts, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv.


The only thing we are missing is you – yes you! So come on down. There's a cosy table waiting for you….


5 minutes with…Gemma Lorry

Ahead of this week's Improbable Lounge on Thursday 23 January (Priory Arms, Stockwell), we discuss life, the universe & improv with the lovely Gemma Lorry, aka Gemma Goggin.

Improv outlet: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv , David Shore classes, and weekend/summer intensives with the Maydays/IO/Annoyance etc – most recently the IO in London which was truly wonderful.

Tell us about the improbable lounge in a nutshell: Well, it's a mix of improv, lounge and cabaret. I know what you're thinking – WHY ON EARTH has no one done this before?

We wanted to create something relaxed, informal, playful and above all, creative. A safe, and cheap (it's free, but we'd love you to buy a drink to keep our landlords happy) space to come and enjoy improv and cabaret. It's a new venture, and we know Cabaret takes many forms, as does Improv, and we're hoping to explore them all. Yes, that's right. Every single one of them 🙂

Apart from improv, what other hats do you wear: I write (my blog is here), I trained as an Actor and a Singer, but I primarily do writing and stand up now. I'm hoping to do a new one woman show in London this year.

Improv philosophy: Enjoy getting things wrong. It's an ongoing effort to unlearn years of schooling, but it's worth it.

Best improv moment: Probably during the IO Summer Intensive in London last year. We had Jet Eveleth for a week, and she managed to create a challenging but safe arena to explore, and that's a rare combo.

What makes you happy: Getting out of my head. Not in a substances way. The improv helps counter the headspace I use for writing and jobs to pay the bills.

And finally…your favourite tongue twister: Betty Batter had some butter. But she said, the butter's bitter. If I put it in my batter, it will make my batter bitter.


Our delicious Improbable Lounge

Our weekly residential at the Priory Arms, Stockwell started its 2014 run with a cracker of a night. We saw a a smorgasbord of cabaret comedy delights take to the stage, complete with bizarre conspiracy theorist magicians and a 60 second rendition of the charge of the light brigade.

And of course it was bound together by the wonderful glue that is us – your loyal and feather boa'd friends…Red Lorry Yellow Lorry musical improv. Thanks to our great acts:

Viv Groskop

Harry Scott-Moncrieff

Non de Script

Anne & Frank

Come and join us again on Thursday 23 January, where you'll be wooed by musical comedy and cabaret delights, including:

  • Glitch improvised puppetry
  • Emily Snee, musical comedy

Every Thursday in 2014 – our residential Improbable Lounge, at the Priory Arms, Lansdowne Way, Stockwell, London – 8pm start. Free!

A delicious night of musical comedy, improv & cabaret.

Intimate tables, posh beer, lovely food – and free entry! Thursday nights just got a whole lot better!